Songs evoking a sense of mystery are often missing from today’s music scene, but they are the lifeblood of this hauntingly brilliant Chicago act.
— Steve Morse, Longtime Boston Globe Critic


Since the 2017 Release of Myths and Mortals , 47 Americana, College/Alternative, and AAA stations have added the album, out of which 20 are major chart reporters.  A handful of these have increased their play to medium rotation, charting on station playlists.

Among those that have done exceptionally well amidst multiple programming styles, are WKKL WLFR, CJAM, KCSB, WVIA, KVNF, WEFT, ISA, KCSN, KMUD, KZMU, KSJD, WERU WMSE WMSR and WHAY.   



The New Zeitgeist performs The Ghost Trail live at their album release concert at The Hideout in Chicago on 7/11/17. John Abbey-Bass Gerald Dowd-Drums Mike Drassler--Pedal Steel To purchase the album or single, visit Visit the band's website: Follow on FB: