"The New Zeitgeist's music connects Dublin and nothing else being heard in roadhouses or pubs" (Jul 6, 2017). ~Steven Wine, Associated Press 

"Hands down, this is one of the best new albums of 2017" (Jun 15, 2017). ~Steve Morse, 30 year Boston Globe critic; Rock History professor at Berklee College of Music

"Soaring vocals mix with earthy Rock & Country arrangements to form poetic and driving ballads" (June 29, 2017). ~Clarence Ewing, CHIRP Radio

“It’s been awhile since I described a vocalist as having 'a great set of pipes' but that fits those of Jen Reilly” (Apr 19, 2015). ~Richard Milne, WXRT Local Anesthetic

"Harmony in song and life" ~Nick Digilio Show, WGN Radio (Mar 4, 2015)

"Songs about salvation, redemption and temptation sung with yearning country vocals with just the right amount of heartbreak" (Jan 3, 2015). ~Hannah Frank, On Axis Music


David Sameshima